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Location, Location, Location

The dark green area of the Australian map is where the high strength Manuka Honey comes from. The honey is taken directly from the hives, centrifugally spun, then filtered and bottled. Every batch is tested at the Sunshine Coast University by Dr Peter Brooks and his team after which he provides MD Honey with a certificate with all the relevant data for that batch. MD Honey allocates a batch no. and this batch no. follows the Manuka from harvesting through to the customer.

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Our Honey Is Never Cooked, It Is Always Raw

In order to present “MD Honey” in its most natural form, we simply warm and filter it once.
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What we do

Beekeeper Honey

Professional beekeepers take agreat care of the farm and monitor all processes to gather honey in time.

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With all major global food certifications in place, we can pack for others including for export to most countries.

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Bee Products

Our products are 100% organic, produced on a farm. Sweet and delicious!

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Private Label

Our honey, your brand? With MD Honey, this can be made a reality.

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Learn about Honey


This wonderful process is described by our specialists and is monitored daily.


A beehive is an enclosed structure in which some honey bee species live.


Nectar is a sugar-rich liquid produced by plants in glands called nectaries.

Forms of Honey

Learn everything about different types of honey and how they are produced.


Flowers and their aroma influences the flavor and quality of our honey.


We take care of our bees to ensure they work properly for the best honey.

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