Australian Manuka First Class Manuka Honey

Authentic Australian Manuka honey is nothing but the sweet labour of one of nature’s most remarkable creatures – the honey bee – and her dedicated work, foraging on Australia’s many native Manuka flowers.

We are fortunate to have some of the healthiest bees in the world.

Our Manuka honey comes from pristine, natural environments, where our healthy bees collect pollen and nectar from Australia’s incredible and unique flora.

With plenty of sunshine, fresh air and clean water, our wonderful Manuka honey is just as nature intended – pure, authentic, unadulterated. And it’s powerfully potent too!

Some of the most powerful Manuka honey in the world comes from Australia. Australia is the original home of the Manuka plant (Leptospermum), and we have many more varieties than anywhere else in the world.

Australia is free of Varroa – so our bees are naturally healthier and we don’t use miticides in our hives, unlike all other beekeeping countries.

So we produce pure, clean Manuka honey, naturally.