I will never buy another brand of honey again! – George

Just as Oils ain’t Oils, Honey ain’t Honey.

With many honey products currently on the market not being what they say they are, we were very careful when selecting a product that not only was the real deal, but was willing to back it’s product and of course, taste like honey should taste!

After some extensive research we decided to give MD Honey a go…all I can say is this, I will never buy another brand of honey again!

Whether using for wellbeing purposes, or just to slap some on your toast, in your porridge, or to make the best Honey Chicken ever, this is the ULTIMATE honey!

More-so, their Manuka honey, which we use for medicinal purposes and general wellbeing, is by far, one of, if not the best and most purest forms of Manuka I’ve ever tried!

Thank you to the team at MD Honey who understand the importance of proving a quality product and having the best interests of their consumers at heart rather than their own pockets!!!