The taste was smooth, rich and a touch sweet – Nick

A great big thank you to MD Honey for the incredible tasting Pure Manuka Honey NPA rating 20+. First time I have ever tried Australian Manuka and I am now a convert. The taste was smooth, rich and a touch sweet. I became addicted to adding it to my fruits and cereal. I tried it as a pre work out boost and found my energy consistent throughout my session.

I even had a finger cut which I used the honey as a topical treatment and am convinced its medicinal qualities supported the healing process. I usually suffer from mild bloating GI issues and am confident the anti-inflammatory properties have help ease some of these symptoms.

Thank you MD Honey for creating an Australian Manuka Honey that not only tastes great but also provides the health benefits that only high-quality Manuka Honey can offer! I am converted!

Nick Micevski – OPC Health