What’s So Special About Australian Manuka?

Humans have used honey for their health and healing properties for thousands of years. Now scientists are able to explain the reasons behind its medicinal power. And some honeys – like Australian Manuka – are many times more active than others.

The medicinal power of Australian Manuka all comes down to the flowers our bees visit to collect the nectar that they turn into delicious, pure, active honey. Today, Manuka is one of the most famous medicinal honeys in the world because there have been numerous scientific studies showing that this powerful honey kills superbugs and stimulates wound healing. In fact, Australia has over 80 species of the plant that produces Manuka (scientific name: Leptospermum), while New Zealand has just one. A current, long-running, multi-centre scientific research project looking at Australian Manuka has made some very exciting findings. It is known as the OzHoney Project conducted by The University of the Sunshine Coast Honey Lab and more details are available from the link below. Although Professor Peter Molan first discovered the activity of Manuka honey in New Zealand, some very active varieties have been found in Australia too. Not only does Australia have active Manuka coming from the same plant as in New Zealand (which is not that surprising, since it actually evolved in Australia first and spread to New Zealand later). But even more remarkably, we also have over 10 other native varieties, which are naturally producing active Australian Manuka honey. And some of these are the most powerful Manuka honeys in the world!